Every organization seeks to unlock and leverage the potential of its human resource to achieve its vision. The organizations keen on nurturing and harnessing its human resources towards transforming them into “Effectively Talented” and enabled dynamic leaders, and then, through them, inspire the Organisation to accomplish its objectives, and go beyond, towards achieving excellence- usually look for a partner who would hand hold and assist the organizations reach their transformational goals through an engaged and customised professional approach. Rennar & Frais Knowledge Management Services has been doing so, for more than hundred clients across the globe, through instituting strategic interventions, transformational processes, L&D Programs, coaching, counseling and mentoring.

Rennar & Frais is a confluence and consortium of Industry Experts, Domain Specialists, Trainers, Consultants, Research Associates, Business Leaders and HR Auditors. R&F believes that within every individual there is a Unique Leader & Expert, waiting to be unveiled. Thereby, R&F programs endeavor to transform individuals into leaders, based on extensively researched & intensively customized content, and delivery expertise. R&F Programs differ from most of the other management & employee development programs, in the industry, in that R&F Programs are not based on quick-fix solutions, theoretical concepts or superficial success formulae. R&F Programs are developed through intensive analysis of NGRs, study & research, simulated practice, and development of customized content by Experts and Specialists, using decades of versatile experience and insights.

R&F has partnered with 42 Renowned Academic Institutions and around 3600 Industry experts, domain specialists, Consultants and Trainers, globally, towards providing excellence in Program Delivery. Intrinsically, R&F conducts intensive as well as extensive industry and domain research through its carefully constituted Research Team wherein each individual Researcher specializes in at least one of the industry and domain and understands global trends. The Rennar & Frais Audit team specializes in Diagnostic studies, audits, assessments and analysis of the circumstantial spectrum. The audit team specializes, through well designed processes, in understanding the NGRs (Needs, Gaps and Requirements) in the prevailing circumstances within the Client Organisation, and then, in consultation with the Client HR and R&F Experts, structure the mandated deliverables into custom designed programs.

The R&F Programs touch the inner core of participants, creating inspired and enabled individuals, ready to explore, charged to take on challenges, go for objectives, open to change, and willing to take on responsibilities through ownership.

The Program offers composite benefits that could be derived from:
  1. Generic MDP Programs: which would enable the participants with:
    • The best practices in the industry.
    • Contemporary issues, concerns and solutions.
    • Management Practices.
    • Tactical Tools
    • Case Studies.
    • Simulations
    • Effective Strategies.
    • Industry-Scape
    • Emerging Trends and New Markets
    • Understanding & Planning Future.
  2. Custom-Designed Management Development Programs:
    • Customised exclusively for Organisations.
    • Designed as per the diagnosed ‘NGRs’, and brief by HR interface.
    • Pointed take-aways and deliverables.
    • Flow and content designed and developed keeping in mind the functional aspects, culture and business needs.
    • The Workshops would be designed close to the business plans and business projections.
  3. Customised Development Programs for Fast Trackers:
    • Designed keeping in mind the targeted role, stipulated timelines, identified NGRs, management brief, market research and possible challenges that the Employee may face as the owner of the targeted role.
    • Blend of Classroom training, grooming, coaching, mentoring and hand holding throughout the process.
    • Interactions with business leaders, Industry experts and domain specialists relevant to the targeted role.
    • Development of Management, Behavioral and Conceptual Capabilities, relevant to the targeted Role.

The Faculty
The Faculty for the R&F Programs would comprise of top-of-the-line thought leaders, experts, domain specialists and Trainers like Prof. Indira Parikh (ex-Dean IIM A), Prof. Bakul Dholakia, Ms.Rama Bijapurkar, Prof. Ramachandran, other faculty from IIM’s ( IIM-A, IIM-B, and IIM-s) and a whole lot of other illustrious names.

R&F works with over 3655 Trainers, Industry Experts, Domain Specialists, Consultants and Research Associates, across the world, across Industries, and across cultures.

Based on NGRs, target segment, depth of reach, levels and functional expertise, and budgets, R&F would depute appropriate Trainers to impart training.