CEO Speak

Hello, Times have changed. Under industrial capitalism, the key corporate assets were the physical resources, production capabilities and financial capital. Today physical resources are relatively unimportant and physical resources and financial capital, are both, taken for granted. Today, the meaningful assets are the intellectual capabilities and technical expertise. And the key factor in determining success of any organization is its ability to leverage its human talent- to understand the need, discover it, develop it, deploy it, inspire and energise it. Further, as we can see through Indian examples, today’s companies remain competitive only if they acquire, develop and utilize knowledge, and leverage technology, faster than competition.

Today’s youth are the first generation to come of age in the digital age. Computers and networks are transforming businesses, entertainment, government and every institution around them. And although this generation is savvy, confident, upbeat, open-minded, creative and independent…they are also a huge challenge to manage. To meet their demands for more learning opportunities and responsibility ownership, instant feedback, greater work/ life balance, and stronger workplace relationships, companies must modify their cultures and management approaches, while continuing to respect the needs of other employees. And, if properly cultivated and harnessed, this generation’s attributes will be a critical source of innovation and competitive advantage to Organisations.

The human capital, across the Globe, is becoming networked as Organisational boundaries become increasingly porous. And the Mantra, “FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST…AND PARTNERS DO THE REST!!!!” Our Clients have precisely doing the same. R&F has been a partner of choice for our Clients…helping them develop and grow…through structuring, restructuring, strategizing (BU/ Product/Process/ markets) and deploying top-of-the-line resources to facilitate and accentuate growth and profitability. R&F has demonstrated leadership in successfully delivering on mandated consulting assignments in business consulting (strategy), International Market Development, Talent Management, BPR, Talent Sourcing/Head Hunting/Talent Development, and OD.

Through a journey of a decade, today, R&F is a confluence of Industrial Experts, Domain Specialists, Consultants, Counselors, Research Associates, Trainers and Recruiters, having created a niche in a highly competitive environment, creating value through exemplary service deliveries, catering to complex and highly discerning assignment mandates, across industries, across the globe.

The next five years, R&F would look at consolidating, with a focus on quality, time and technology, providing Clients service that gives value for investment, consistent quality, ensuring satisfaction from even the most discerning clients.

Today, as we move forward, we must also look at the past, and thank all the people who have helped us grow. We thankfully acknowledge the hard work and the critical contributions of every member of R&F family, which in spite of downturns and adverse market conditions, as a team, help create that critical escape velocity, to make what R&F is today. We thank all our 600 Clients, who have helped us grow- in threshold, in knowledge, in critical mass, volume and revenues.

With a strong commitment towards ethical practices and improving service standards, R&F also looks at contributing towards the society, by helping develop “Job Ready” capabilities in people and mitigate the menace of unemployment in our society.

Thank you,
Rajesh Iyengar.